Mariateresa Fragale

UI designer & Front-end Developer inspired by coffee, cakes and dirty kids. Lover of minimalistic and user centered design with many years of experience in website development. Dreamer and hungry. Based in Switzerland.
Fun4Fam - shared family calendar

Fun4Fam – a sharing calendar application

31 March 2017 di

An application could really change the way we think about time and life? This is the new borderline in design and mobile stores are plenty of applications for time management. Most of them are really good, especially for the business target. Free time is still an unknown land and even mainstream agenda applications, like Google Calendar […]

Starbucks in Italy

Starbucks lands in Italy: a tablet, please!

7 March 2017 di

Have you ever been in Starbucks for a coffee? I’m pretty sure you have. Starbucks is an American coffeehouse chain operating worldwide. No matter where you live, probably in your surroundings there’s a Starbucks! Maybe Italy is the only state in Europe where there’s no store so far, but things change fast and it seems the first […]

Gym ETH Zürich

Don’t make me think too much!

26 August 2016 di

Sometimes I end up on a website and I feel as in front of this picture … completely lost! The picture was taken at the Gym of the ETH in Zürich and seems to stay on the border line between order and chaos. Every color represents a game field and every game has different rules, could you play volleyball in this […]